Scholarship Opportunities

Current Students

University Scholars Program Scholarships

OSU College and Departmental Scholarships

Many colleges, departments, and programs at OSU administer their own scholarships based on established eligibility criteria. Visit OSU ScholarDollars to learn more about campus-based scholarship opportunities that may be available to you. You can log into the system with your OSU ONID credentials and submit applications to be considered for over 2,500 OSU scholarship opportunities!

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OSU Scholarships that Consider Financial Need

Some Oregon State scholarships are only available to students who have demonstrated financial need.  OSU determines whether you are eligible to be considered for these opportunities based on your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) or ORSAA (Oregon Student Aid Application).  We recommend that you submit your FAFSA or ORSAA as early as possible every year to allow enough time for it to be processed before the earliest scholarship application deadlines. 

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External Scholarships

External scholarship payments are processed by the OSU Student Accounts Office so the funds can be applied to your OSU billing account. Checks should be mailed to:

OSU Student Account Services
Attn: Scholarships
PO Box 1086
Corvallis, OR 97339

To ensure timely processing, please provide your external scholarship provider with OSU's Outside Scholarship Award Form to be submitted with the scholarship payment.

For more questions regarding external scholarships, please email [email protected]

National and Global Scholarships Advising Office

Nationally and internationally competitive prestigious scholarships such as the Fulbright, Rhodes, Marshall, and Goldwater are awards based on academic qualification, research, leadership, service and personal characteristics. Highly selective scholarship programs are available for undergraduate and postgraduate study and research in a broad list of academic programs, and Oregon State encourages students to apply.

Scholarships for Global Study

Oregon State University recognizes the value of international perspectives in its mission to promote economic, social, cultural and environmental progress for people across Oregon, the nation and the world. The opportunity to study abroad or participate in an international internship can be a chance to gain new perspectives and skills to help you with your studies and inspire you to be a global citizen. Not only can Oregon State scholarships and financial aid be used to help fund your study abroad experience, and many program providers as well as colleges offer additional scholarships for international study or internships. Many students also take advantage of prestigious national scholarship opportunities to fund their time abroad.

Visit the Office of Global Affairs' website for more information!

Scholarships for Study Abroad

The OSU Office of Global Opportunities (OSU GO) administers a number of scholarships for students intending to pursue international learning experiences. Scholarships may be used to: (1) offset the additional financial costs of studying abroad, (2) fund travel to pursue educational experiences, (3) conduct research internationally, or (4) reduce the program costs on a sponsored program, among other reasons. Most of the scholarships available require that the education abroad program be at least four (4) to ten (10) weeks in length.

Scholarships for International Students

These scholarships have been developed with international students in mind. Some of the scholarships are awarded based solely on an application for admission to OSU, while others require the submission of a separate application to be considered.