Student Success Stories

Recipients of OSU scholarships can be found sitting next to you in class, traveling the world with OSU GO, conducting groundbreaking research with world-class faculty, or dedicating time and effort in their communities to serve as catalyst for positive change, often thanks to the financial assistance that scholarships provide. We've gathered together some of Beaver Nation's most engaged, intellectual, and diverse scholars to share their stories about how their scholarship has contributed to their experience here at OSU. 

If you are are the recipeint of an OSU scholarship and would like to apply to be a featured scholar and have your story shared, we encourage you to apply here. 

Joel Walker

College of Business
Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Born in Monrovia, Liberia, Joel came to the U.S. at just two years of age as a refugee to escape the civil war taking place in West Africa. As the youngest of three, where both siblings also attended college and his father received a PhD in Education, attending a university was a natural next step for Joel after high school. During his junior year, Joel was recruited by the OSU men’s soccer team and committed to playing for OSU before ever even visiting campus! 

Receiving an athletic and merit-based scholarship from OSU allowed Joel to venture outside of Colorado where he could both play soccer, and pursue a career in Marketing. Whether it’s his dream of playing professional soccer, or of developing his business that he co-founded while still in high school, Joel believes that OSU offers him the tools he needs to be successful.

Through his soccer teammates, fellow Business students, and attending Grace Chapel on the weekends, Joel has had the opportunity to meet unique individuals that contribute to his sense of community and belonging here at Oregon State.

Kiersten Stevens

Public Health and Human Services
Hometown: Forest Grove, OR

Kiersten chose to come to OSU to get out of her comfort zone of her hometown of Forest Grove, Oregon where she had spent her entire life and submerge herself in new experiences. As part of her overall financial aid package, the Diversity scholarship helped lower her cost of attending OSU where she’s pursuing a career in Human Services. Kiersten is also a recipient of departmental scholarships from HDFS and scholarships from the State of Oregon.

Throughout her time at OSU, Kiersten has been involved in Beavs Helping Kids, Archery, HDFS Club, and has been employed by the Scholarship Office for over two years. Kiersten also had the opportunity to travel throughout Europe, spending time in Italy, Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic. During her junior year, Kiersten completed an internship with Old Mill Center for Children and Families and will begin her second internship with CASA during her senior year.

Delphine Le Brun Colon

Junior (Transfer)
Major: Mechanical Engineering/Honors College
Minor: Aerospace Engineering
Hometown: Les Sables D’Olonne, France

Born in France but making her way (by way of eight years in New York City) to the Pacific Northwest to enroll in OSU’s Ecological Engineering program, Delphine transferred to OSU in the Spring 2017 from Linn Benton Community College where she had been enrolled in the OSU/LBCC Degree Partnership Program. While at LBCC, Delphine decided to participate in the Space Exploration Club, which ultimately changed her career direction from Ecological Engineering to Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Aerospace Engineering.

Delphine wasted no time engaging in leadership and research opportunities at OSU. In the Spring 2017 term she became the Vice President of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics chapter at OSU and helped lead a team of LBCC and OSU students to launch a high-altitude balloon to view the solar eclipse from almost 20 miles above earth. Delphine also led a team of senior engineering students, mentored by Dr. Squires and sponsored by Oregon Space Grant Consortium and NASA’s RockSat-C program. Their team designed, built, and tested a gamma ray polarimeter utilizing compton scattering to detect the polarization of gamma radiation.

In addition to her work here at OSU, Delphine secured an internship at NASA, along with four other students out of 200 applicants, with NASA running from June 2017-December 2017 at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL where she will be assisting with data assessment of the RS-25 engine in the propulsion department for the Space Launch System- the strongest rocket propulsion system in the world!

Lastly, Delphine serves as a research assistant for graduate students at the propulsion lab, working on sub-atmospheric and dilution testing of jet fuel flames and has begun her own research on radiation emissions as part of her Honors Thesis. Delphine is a recipient of the Furman Class of 1964 Scholarship and the Mimi Shawe Scholarship.

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