The following information applies to OSU University Scholars Program scholarships awarded to incoming freshmen and transfer students based on their application for admission. For college, departmental, and external scholarships, students should contact the awarding organization or academic department with any questions.
How do I apply for OSU scholarships?

By submitting the application for admission to OSU, incoming freshman and transfer students are automatically considered for scholarships awarded by the University Scholars Program. OSU also offers need-based scholarships that require students to submit the FAFSA before the priority deadline of February 28. In addition, both newly-admitted and continuing OSU students can apply for college and departmental scholarships starting November 1 through OSU ScholarDollars.  

What is the deadline to apply for OSU scholarships?

Incoming freshmen who apply for admission and submit high school transcripts and official test scores by November 1 will receive early notification of their University Scholars Program scholarship eligibility in December. Incoming freshmen and transfer students who apply for admission by February 1 and submit their transcripts and test scores by February 15 will be notified of their University Scholars Program scholarship eligibility by the end of March.

How do I view and accept my University Scholars Program scholarship?

You will first need to sign up for ONID. Enter your student ID number (found on your letter of admission) to set up your ONID username and password. First-time users will be asked to enter their name and six-digit date of birth. After you have set up your ONID account, visit the OSU Home Page, select Tools and Services and follow these steps:

  • · Select MyOSU

  • · Log in using your ONID username and password

  • · From the main tab, select Paying for College

  • · Select Financial Aid Awards

  • · Select the appropriate aid year

  • · Review and accept the Terms and Conditions tab

  • · Select the Accept Award Offer tab

  • · Select your decision about the scholarship offer

  • · Click Submit when done

  • Is my scholarship renewable?

    University Scholars Program scholarships awarded based on the application for admission are renewable for up to three additional years (four years total). Students must meet the annual renewal criteria outlined in the terms and conditions on their scholarship in order to have their scholarship renew from year to year. The terms and conditions of OSU scholarships are sent with the initial award letter and posted on MyOSU accounts. Some scholarships offered by OSU are not renewable and the award letter will indicate such. Students should always check with the Scholarship Office, awarding agency, or their academic department to determine which scholarships are renewable.

    Where can I find the renewal criteria for my scholarship?

    All renewal criteria for scholarships can be found here. As of the 2016-17 academic year, renewal criteria has changed so students should be sure to note which year they began receiving their award to determine which renewal criteria applies to their scholarship. 

    If I lose my scholarship, can it be reinstated once I am back in good standing?

    No. Once a student does not meet the annual renewal criteria for a scholarship and that scholarship is canceled, the only option for reinstatement is to submit an appeal.  

    Is GPA tracked from term to term?

    The Scholarship Office tracks GPA and completed credits from term to term and notifies the student of their progress toward renewal, but scholarships will disburse each term as long as the student is enrolled full-time. Annual completed credits and GPA for renewal are checked only at the end of spring term. 

    Which GPA is used to calculate the renewal of my scholarship? Institutional or Cumulative?

    If a student is only taking courses at OSU or they transferred in to OSU, their institutional GPA will be used. If a student is currently enrolled in the Degree Partnership Program (DPP), or ever has been in the past, we will use the students cumulative GPA. 

    Can I repeat a course and have it count toward my annual credit requirement for renewal?

    Courses completed with a D grade or higher cannot be repeated in the same academic year and counted toward the annual completed credit requirement. If the student receives an F grade, an Incomplete, or does not pass the course, the repeated attempt with a passing grade will count within the same academic year.  

    Are my scholarships stackable?

    OSU scholarships awarded based on a students application for admission cannot be combined with other OSU scholarships of the same type. However, scholarships award by third-party donors, OSU academic departments/colleges, or alumni/donors can be combined with OSU scholarships. For example, if a student is awarded the Academic Achievement scholarship and is then selected for the prestigious Presidential Scholarship, the Presidential Scholarship replaces the initial Academic Achievement award. However, if a student is awarded the Academic Achievement scholarship, then receives the College of Engineering Dean's Scholarship, the student can keep both scholarships. 

    Do transfer credits count toward my annual credit requirement for renewal?

    College credits earned while in high school, or while enrolled at another institution do NOT count toward the annual completed credits required for renewal. If a student is receiving an OSU scholarship then enrolls in an OSU-sponsored program (Degree Partnership Program (DPP), Study Abroad, Internships, etc.) the credits earned in that program will count toward the annual credit requirement. 

    Can I be enrolled in the Degree Partnership Program (DPP) and still keep my OSU scholarship?

    Yes, as long as the student is enrolled in a minimum of six credits at OSU and maintains OSU as their home school for financial aid purposes. 

    Can I take online classes and have them count toward my annual credit requirement?

    Yes. Students can take online courses as long they do not change their primary campus to e-campus. E-campus students are not eligible for OSU scholarships awarded through the admission application process.

    Can I get my scholarship during the summer term?

    Yes. Students are eligible for 12 terms of use of their scholarship in terms where the student is enrolled full-time. If the student is enrolled in 12 or more credits for the summer term, they can request to have one of their twelve terms of use applied to summer but emailing Note: if a student receives a scholarship disbursement in the summer term, their annual completed credit requirement for renewal will increase. 

    What GPA is used for the calculation of my scholarship award: weighted or unweighted?

    OSU uses a student's unweighted GPA for scholarship calculation.

    Can I re-take the SAT/ACT or submit updated transcripts after the scholarship document deadline?

    No. Updated test scores or transcripts received after the posted document deadline are not used to adjust a student's scholarship award. 

    Do I need to accept my scholarship online every year?

    No, returning students will see their scholarship as "estimated" until final grades have been posted after spring term. When it has been determined that the student is eligible for renewal, the Scholarship Office will automatically change the scholarship to "accepted" for the student. 

    Is there an appeal process if I do not meet the annual renewal criteria?

    Yes. If students do not meet the year-end scholarship renewal requirements, did not meet full-time enrollment in a given term, are requesting a hold for a break in enrollment, or have to withdraw from a term for unforeseen circumstances (medical, family, etc.), they can submit the Scholarship Appeal Form to the Scholarship Office in Kerr B108 or by emailing it to

    Can I accept a lesser amount of my scholarship?

    No. If a student is awarded a higher scholarship amount that requires 45 annual completed credits with a 3.0 GPA and does not maintain the minimum renewal criteria for their scholarship, they cannot accept a lower amount of scholarship requiring only 36 completed credits with a 2.5 GPA. 

    If I am approved for residency, am I eligible for resident University Scholars Program scholarships?

    Maybe. If a student is awarded a non-resident University Scholars Program scholarship and their residency status changes prior to the start of their first term at OSU, they will be re-evaluated for resident University Scholars Program scholarships based on resident awarding criteria. Students whose residency status changes after the start of their first term at OSU will not be re-evaluated for resident University Scholars Program scholarships.

    Am I eligible for scholarships as an undocumented student?

    Yes. Oregon State University offers a variety of merit based scholarships that are open to all incoming freshman and transfer students, including undocumented students. Students are considered for these awards based on their residency, GPA, test scores, and more. To apply for incoming student scholarships, students must complete the scholarships portion of the admissions application and have a complete application (application, test scores, and transcripts) submitted to the Office of Admissions by the scholarship deadline (February 1st). Academic departments may also award scholarships to new OSU students. Eligibility for scholarships awarded by academic programs varies based on department, student status, GPA, test scores, etc. Certain academic departments may use the information from the admissions application to award scholarships while others may require a separate application to be considered. Not all academic department scholarships may be available to undocumented students depending on the funding source of the award.